Hi, I am Karim, Professional Designer, Programmer, Blogger on few networks who enjoys playing games, above all am a dedicated HUSBAND, Founder of simplyhireme. My google profile

Long ago we started as a questions and answers community and people showed some interest in the idea, no matter what was their questions they still get answers for it then all of the sudden our worst feat happened “SPAMMERS” showed up from everywhere and we tried a lot of ways to stop them but they still managed to find an alternative way to keep spamming, after some time it became to much hassle for us to check all comments and questions alone and it hard to keep blocking them, so we have changed our community into a blogging platform to blog about various topics like coding, design and photography and display some inspirational work from talented people, We wanted to share more stuff than just questions and answers so here we are …

You can still ask us your questions through the contact us form and we will do our best to answer it for you with the support of our loyal fans and you can enjoy all of our blog posts.

thats all !