Geeky DIY Women Shoes

DIY your own Killer Comic Book High Heels by “My Polite Indignation Knows No Bounds” will cost you around £15 and you will spend around Eight hours per shoe.

Vinyl Shoes
Mod Podge

Comic Shoes


  • Stephanie

    These are amazing!! i want to create them for my friends birthday. How exactly did you do this, I get everything up until how you got the comic book strips to stay on and look so polished. What type of adhesive did you use.

    • shan

      Looks like they used Mod Podge. Put it on the back of the comic strips to adhere it to the shoe, and apply at least one coat over the top to seal it.

      • junita

        you can buy modpodge at any local craft store or walmart… you dont have to order it online. You can also use clear gloss sealant to protect the shoe after youve finished it. I have a custom shoe business… . Kudos to the author of this post … the shoes came out really nice. I may just do a pair myself….

    • JUCRO

      MODPODGE =]

  • Stella

    @Stephanie, Mod Podge was used. In one of the pics it’s there in the corner. Just Google it, you’ll find somewhere to purchase it for sure. I’ve seen it used in another tutorial, for a bag. This is the link: At least you can get an idea of how to use Mod Podge, and there’s even a link to a place that you can buy some. Hope that helps!

    These shoes look amazing. I wonder if I have the patience to do this for 16 hours. I’ll just have to find out. 🙂

  • Kristee

    @Stephanie That’s what the Mod Podge is used for

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  • Rama Mohan

    Very nice selection. Cool blog

    • Maria

      Indeed… Specially those shoes looks awesome..

  • Kailey

    This is so cool! I love the ending result. You seriously have some cutting and pasting skills that I must have missed in grade school because my attempts at this are not half as wonderful.

  • Hi, these are actually my pictures, glad you liked the shoes! I’d prefer if you could link to the post, however, since there’s a tutorial there.

  • Nicola Grayling

    Love these shoes!! I am going to try this out..

  • Rebecca

    Do the shoes need to be vinyl, or will this work with other types??

  • Becca

    Isn’t Mod Podge water soluble?

  • Darja

    Really great shoes, i like them a lot. I wonder about durability of these glue. Any experience?

  • Sarah Jackson

    Cool shoes but i like Shoes only in Black color 🙂

  • Patricia

    Awsome DIY project! How do you protect them from wear and tear? It seems like you’d have to be midnful of the weather when you wear these.

  • Emma

    Did you do both shoes the same ? Love the idea and want to try it but matching the 2 shoes would be difficult

  • Amanda

    ModPodge will get icky if it gets wet, so these are not for dancing in puddles or anything. Cut the pieces small and line the edges of the shoe first, then fill in the rest with larger, more graphic pieces.

  • Jet

    This is the best idea in the world. I need comicbook shoes.

  • asia

    I totally just made some for an outfit to watch Dark Knight Rises in style — this idea is so perfect!!!

  • crusty

    I made these shoes this weekend! THEYRE AWESOME!!! The only thing is that they already started cracking after the first wear.. I did add about 4 coats of MOD PODGE after i was done. Do you think it only needed one coat?

  • Diva Steps

    wow these are amazing!

  • Now that I call amazing! Thanks for giving me this fantastic idea.

  • Avianti Jewelry

    I’ve seen this before! Love it!

  • Omg these are stunning!