Protein Misconceptions

I have a friend who wanted to get ripped before summer, what she did is she cut a lot of calories coming from her protein sources in her diet and ate a lot more vegetables, some olive oil and vinegar on salad, So I had to ask her “where did all of your protein go?” the answer was “I don’t need protein, I want to be ripped and slim not bulky!”, Believe it or not she believed that protein will only get bulky as in big muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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BSN N.O.-XPLODE any good?

This is my BSN N.O.-XPLODE Review, If you are into health, fitness, and strength you might be interested in building additional muscle mass and shed some extra weight but don’t have the energy for it after your hectic working day you might be already taking a pre-workout or some caffeine tablets to give you that extra kick.

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Tamimi’s Guided Muscle Growth

I got sick several times in one year then i realised i am so weak and thin, I start reading about how to be healthy and what makes me strong that was beginning of 2008, I took many pictures of my body so I can see is there any changes.

Name: Ebrahim Moustafa Al.Tamimi
Year of birth: 1985
Starting Wight: 45 kilos
Day of this post weight: 60 kilos
Goal: 72 kilos
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