Crypto markets show some gains

Cryptocurrency markets started showing gains after it crashed, 💪 Most of the top cryptocurrency by market cap registered double-digit losses over the past 24 hours.😲 The recent losses were related to some reports about South Korea and China trying to ban cryptocurrency trading and cracking down on it.

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Crypto meltdown or an opportunity?

We would like to draw your attention to the latest development in the cryptocurrency market as it’s becoming even more active with the growing interest in trading. It’s difficult to predict cryptocurrencies’ direction, one day the prices go up and then we witness a sudden decline.

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Keeping Children Safe from Flu

Nobody can give parents a fool-proof plan or a 100% guarantee that their child will not contract flu. This fact shouldn’t be either a novel or an alarming concept for any parent. Parents do not possess the power to protect children from all of life’s dangers. Yet loving parents desperately wish for that magical power, so here are few tips on keeping children safe from flu.

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How to stay active at home?

How to stay active at home? A Tenner During Commercials is the easiest way to staying active at home. Instead of sitting on your couch during a tv commercial break you can do ten reps of any exercise you like, this will help you stay active and help you lose some extra weight. I know it’s easier said than done but you gotta lose those extra pounds some day.

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Go Ethereum Go!

Ethereum overtakes XRP like a sexy beast 🤣 not sure for how long though, I Ripple (XRP) keeps going strong and make more deals with banks then it'll overtake ETH (Ethereum) again very soon. Ethereum reclaimed its spot as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap for now and reached $1,200 a market cap of more than $117 billion. 💰

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