Mobile Templates Creating designs for tomorrow

The future of a large number of technologies used in the world is not certain as better and cheaper options are becoming available day in and day out. However, the use of Mobile phones has been on the rise over the last couple of decades and is bound to increase further.

Tips on Building a Better Online Portfolio

Over the past few years I’ve learned how NOT to build a portfolio for my clients, it take some dedication and effort to build a great portfolio so in this post i’ll share with you some of the tips i follow to help you build a better online portfolio for yourself or your client.

Would You Like To Sleep In Prison?

Talking about weird places to stay, would you like to go to prison and pay to sleep there? well if that’s something you would consider check this hotel out “Karosta Prison in Latvia”

What is reciprocal link?

Tried submitting your website to a directory before and they asked you for a reciprocal link? wondering what would that be?