Shoulder Stability & Scapular Mobility Exercises

California Strength Head Strength Coach, Ernie Hernandez, talks about some exercises we use to improve shoulder stability and scapular mobility with our athletes. Exercises covered include band pull-aparts, the Sotts press, the YTW, and the kneeling kettlebell press. Demonstrations of each exercise are performed by Scott Hisaka.

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Tamimi’s Guided Muscle Growth

I got sick several times in one year then i realised i am so weak and thin, I start reading about how to be healthy and what makes me strong that was beginning of 2008, I took many pictures of my body so I can see is there any changes.

Name: Ebrahim Moustafa Al.Tamimi
Year of birth: 1985
Starting Wight: 45 kilos
Day of this post weight: 60 kilos
Goal: 72 kilos
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