What Should Be a Part of Your Diet?

There are certain type of food that are a lot more beneficial than others, I always ask my self what should be a part of my diet? especially when you are trying to eat healthy or change your eating habits, What is the one food that you would consider healthy and have to include in your diet plan?

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Should you track your Macronutrients?

If you’re on social media often, you might have seen a new popular hashtag that reads “if it fits your macros” or “IIFYM” to describe pictures of donuts, ice cream or other (although delicious) unconventional foods for bodybuilders.

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Ripped Freak – Fat burner review

Ripped Freak is a Hybrid Fat Burner and is promoted as such. It’s a product that aids most of us to lose weight with only one capsule a day. I don’t usually do fat burner reviews but thought this one might be worth it.

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Protein Misconceptions

I have a friend who wanted to get ripped before summer, what she did is she cut a lot of calories coming from her protein sources in her diet and ate a lot more vegetables, some olive oil and vinegar on salad, So I had to ask her “where did all of your protein go?” the answer was “I don’t need protein, I want to be ripped and slim not bulky!”, Believe it or not she believed that protein will only get bulky as in big muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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BSN N.O.-XPLODE any good?

This is my BSN N.O.-XPLODE Review, If you are into health, fitness, and strength you might be interested in building additional muscle mass and shed some extra weight but don’t have the energy for it after your hectic working day you might be already taking a pre-workout or some caffeine tablets to give you that extra kick.

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Benefits of Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis benefits for joint support and weight loss management. Let’s start by saying CQ is a plant that grows in Africa and Asia. It is commonly used as medicinal plants in Thailand, African, and India. All parts of the plant can be used for medicine.

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Weight Loss Recipe with Honey and Cinnamon

Honey and Cinnamon weight loss recipe to aid your weight loss process? a lot of people who regularly drink honey and cinnamon say it helped them in their weight loss process, consumption of honey can also reduce the risk of heart diseases and your cholesterol level.

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Keeping Children Safe from Flu

Nobody can give parents a fool-proof plan or a 100% guarantee that their child will not contract flu. This fact shouldn’t be either a novel or an alarming concept for any parent. Parents do not possess the power to protect children from all of life’s dangers. Yet loving parents desperately wish for that magical power, so here are few tips on keeping children safe from flu.

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How to stay active at home?

How to stay active at home? A Tenner During Commercials is the easiest way to staying active at home. Instead of sitting on your couch during a tv commercial break you can do ten reps of any exercise you like, this will help you stay active and help you lose some extra weight. I know it’s easier said than done but you gotta lose those extra pounds some day.

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Shoulder Stability & Scapular Mobility Exercises

California Strength Head Strength Coach, Ernie Hernandez, talks about some exercises we use to improve shoulder stability and scapular mobility with our athletes. Exercises covered include band pull-aparts, the Sotts press, the YTW, and the kneeling kettlebell press. Demonstrations of each exercise are performed by Scott Hisaka.

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