Bulkpowders funny feedback

Bulkpowders funny feedback

So I was buying bulkpowders.co.uk whey protein from Amazon UK and found this funny review of someone who bought the chocolate flavour saying “Mixes well and taste is not too off putting

So here is what’s written.

Bulkpowders 1 kg chocolate pure whey protein
Mixes well and taste is not too off putting, I only scored it a three because I am not a fan of chocolate protein shakes. I prefer strawberry flavours.

by ian george williamson

so he got a comment reply from JB saying

why did you buy a chocolate flavour then? Don’t buy a flavour you don’t like then criticise it for not being to your taste!

I find that so funny, it’s true. Why would you buy something that you don’t like then start complaining about it and give it 3 stars, Doesn’t make any sense :/

makes you wonder what was he thinking before buying it …