Why Can’t You Shake NO XPLODE?

On the BSN N.O.-XPLODE pre-workout tub there is a warning on the first line that says Do not shake and stir instead. What is there a reason for that? Why Can’t You Shake NO XPLODE? people have been saying “it will loose its effectiveness” and stuff like that cause you break down the ingredients.

It’s sounds a bit weird when some of us assume that, cause eventually any supplement in a shaker bottle that you drink on your way to the gym will be shook one way or the other.

It didn’t make any sense to me when few friends at the gym started saying these stuff, I just assumed that you don’t need to shake it to dissolve in the water.

I’ve contacted BSN and asked them does shaking your pre-workout does anything to how effective is it or does it do anything to the ingredients? they said NO basically “N.O-XPLODE” contains Sodium Bicarbonate. When you shake it, this can cause your shaker cup to pop it’s top or excess foam to appear.

They also stated it’s a health and safety kind of warning.

Hope it helps to stop rumours saying weird stuff without any knowledge.

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