The Common Reasons of Belly Fat

Belly fat naturally onsets the body through many different factors. It is entirely normal to have a big belly. Some people attribute this to masculinity since it is mostly men who have big bellies. However, big bellies can have negative effects on the health and well-being of a person and should not be ignored.

Big bellies are caused primarily by either overeating or over-consumption of alcoholic beverages especially beer. Beer contains a high amount of calories, which contribute to the weight gain and the enlargement of the pancreas and liver. This results to the bloated appearance which is essentially belly fat.

The Problems Associated with Belly Fat

The main effect of having belly fat is related to a person’s self-esteem. Men who have big bellies can suffer from ridicule from his peers, which can result to him placing lower value on himself. The person mostly likely becomes unable to relate normally with his peers, especially with the opposite sex which can result to depression as well. With the emphasis of society on aesthetic perfection, big-bellied individuals may be subject to extreme pressure and even rejection because of their appearances.

The presence of too much fat in our bodies puts the individual at risk to diabetes. This stems from the fact that fat is normally designed to be released into the bloodstream when the body’s intake of food is insufficient to generate the necessary proteins and carbohydrates to fuel our body. We can see that, with too much fat in the body, the bloodstream receives a higher content of fat molecules than usual. The body then compensates by producing insulin that will offset the amount of fat molecules in the body and restore proper metabolism. This puts the big-bellied person at risk of insulin resistance as well, since the body has gotten so used to the compound in the bloodstream that the effectiveness of insulin is reduced over time.

Diabetes is not the only risk that big-bellied men can be exposed to. The presence of fat in the bloodstream can accumulate residue in the blood vessels’ walls. When there is plaque in the arterial walls, blood has difficulty in passing through. The heart compensates by pumping faster and stronger, which translates to high blood pressure.

Getting Rid of that Big Belly

With all the health risks posed by big bellies—and high fat content in inappropriate places in the body, in general—you probably understand now how important it is that you should trim down on that belly. Not only will you improve your health and fitness, you’d also improve your sex appeal which is not a bad thing at all.

The best way to get rid of belly fat is to exercise. Exercise burns those accumulated calories by expending high amounts of energy. Take note, however, that the effects of exercise does not come overnight. It takes time and dedication to get rid of that belly fat through exercise.

Of course, exercise is not the only way to reduce belly fat. We should also control our calorie intake. This means controlling our diet AND reducing or quitting the intake of alcoholic drinks altogether.