Why Blogs Rank Better Than Websites?

Blogging is a recent online phenomenon, but it has caught the fancy of Internet marketers in a way that no other technology has. The most important reason for such popularity is the entire format of blogs that make them a favourite among Search Engines. It’s a fact that well written, managed and regularly updated blogs stand much bigger chance of ranking higher than even the regular websites. Why? Read on.

Search Engines simply love CONTENT!

Blogs are usually content based, i.e., instead of presenting a sales-centric text, you are free to talk to your audience in a way that makes the content keyword-friendly. Obviously, you need to have some basic knowledge about the efficient use of keywords in order to exploit the true potential of blogs. And it’s a fact that Search Engines simply love the webpages that have loads of content. All you need is the skill to present that content in a way that Search Engines are attracted towards your creation when a particular keyword is searched.


Unlike websites, blogs are regularly updated. Simply put, you are feeding the Search Engines with content on a regular basis. This means you are already one-up on the static websites by periodic additions and updates. Search Engines have a penchant for such dynamic content based web pages. The blog CMS are so advanced these days that all you need is about 5-10 minutes in order to update your blog posting on the fly. However, it won’t be out of place to mention that a blog, if not updated regularly, runs the risk of getting lagged behind the SERP rankings.

SEO-friendly Plug-Ins

Many blog platforms, like WordPress, can be empowered with plug-ins that can easily make the content of your blog SEO friendly. These small programs are your best SEO allies if you are a newbie and an amateur Internet marketer.

Topical Discussion

Usually each blog post discusses one topic and this is also one of the guiding principles for new bloggers. A topical page is more likely to contain better keyword density than any website page, which also has to concentrate on sales language.

Summary: Blogs, undoubtedly, rank better in SERPs due to their format. Regularly updated content that is backed by appropriate keyword density is always a favourite among Search Engines, which is what good blogs ensure.

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