Heroes of Order & Chaos | Under Realm Ruins

Paladin Grandmaster | 5v5

Evil Team
ikramawal (Phase Master)
jaswin22 (Dark Elf Exile)
nsx0720 (Chameleon)
jackbrewok (Inquisitor)
dungeonz (Planewalker)

My Team
brian609 (Dark Elf Exile)
chenzhenzhong (Chameleon)
cindysong95 (Phase Master)
dashti213 (Inquisitor)
flashsolver (Paladin Grandmaster) — me

My Stats for This Game
Killed: 1 | Deaths: 0 | Combo Kills: 1 | Multiple Kills: 1 | Damage Dealt: 13,770
Damage Received: 3,295 | Gain: 5,143 G | Soldiers: 21 | Towers: 1

Revival Time: 00 : 00 | Game Time: 12 : 30

I don’t have a specific strategy so if you have any ideas, tips or comments please feel free to post it below.

— All rights of Heroes of Order and Chaos Game belongs to Gameloft

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