Tips on Building a Better Online Portfolio

Over the past few years I’ve learned how NOT to build a portfolio for my clients, it take some dedication and effort to build a great portfolio so in this post i’ll share with you some of the tips i follow to help you build a better online portfolio for yourself or your client.

Assume that your visitors are idiots that doesn’t mean that are it is just an assumption to help you build a better idiot proof website, the thing you need to understand is if your visitor is a geek or a newbie they need to be able to navigate and understand your website with ease you don’t have to stuff everything at once in their face, give them more control over what they need to see and what they don’t.

Who are you and why should i care? you have to tell everyone who you are, what do you do and why should they choose you rather than others this will be backed up by your portfolio anyway you just need to list some stuff to reassure your future clients that you are the right choice, it’s alway better to help your visitors decide so keep it clear and to the point.

What is it that you do? you have to be very clear on what do you offer and in some times you will need to explain it in details, as an example don’t just say I am a designer instead state your strongest design point like “I am a creative web site designer” or you can list all your services with some brief text with each point to help them understand better what do you do.

Your greatest invention make sure you highlight your greatest work and don’t mix up different categories together, for example if you have a design portfolio don’t mix up CI (corporate Identities) with Posters and Banners, remember to give your visitor a choice, maybe they only want to view your 3D portfolio and not your logos portfolio, others might want to see all designs mixed together to decide how good you are or your team.

How can clients contact you? when designing and building your page you have to have a clear juicy contact button or form so that clients can be tempted to click on it and actually reach you, you DON’T want them to keep looking for a small contact button, in most times if that is the case you will loose a big chunk of client, it wold be a nice idea if you can offer your clients a free quotation of set drop down menu and radio buttons in your form, the less they type the more likely they will fill up this form and finally it would be great if you can tell them how long would it take you to get back to their email.

Price and Display if you are offering an online service like fast service Logo Design it is best that you make your store clear and your pricing even clearer, no hidden fees and state what exactly will they be getting, files, designs, turn over time etc …

Show off you have to be a show off when you are selling your service, it’s a good idea to state your big clients and if you were featured somewhere, of someone left you a nice testimonial put it out there for everyone to see.

Buy Me I found out one of the best way to increase your sales is to add a call to action button at the end of your portfolio and services or about me page to make it easier for your clients to reach you without the need of looking for that contact or buy button, if you are offering a discount code display it somewhere so that everyone can see it.

If you have tips or tricks on how to improve your portfolio please share it with us below.

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