How to level up fast in Empires and Allies?

How to level up fast in Empires & Allies you ask?

Gaining experience in Empires and Allies is most likely to be done through exploring, visiting friends, engaging in battles with friends and decorating.

here are few tips for those who need it.

Collecting coins from Housing, Government Buildings and Daily Bonuses.
Doing favours for friends and defeating them in battle generates a lot of Coins too.
Defeating the Dark Alliance through the single-player campaign generates coins as well.

There is a type of building that generate coins: Farms. It generate large amounts of coins in exchange for smaller amounts but it takes time to harvest just like the farms in CityVille. Keep few farms around as a source of income.

Using the Timing Correctly

It is extremely important to pay attention to timing when you generate Woods, Coins, ore or oil. In the initial stages of the game, one is relatively energy-rich as fewer XP are required to level up and replenish the energy; but at the same time, one is poor in resources and requires expanding quickly. In such a situation, the best strategy is to stay towards the lower end production of the scale, where you stand a chance to reap the biggest yields with every single tick of the clock.

Overtime, the energy levels start to go down and are better reserved for wars and fighting. This is the right time to start focusing on higher production options. This would call for a longer wait time but one doesn’t have to “harvest” as much, which always ends up taking a unit of energy. In addition, there is also some nominal cost saving, though it is more or less insignificant.


• It pays to build the most costly houses.
• Go for building new government buildings ASAP.
• Build no more than 1 or 2 of each military facility.
• The industrial facilities should be increased gradually.
• The trees should be chopped down only if there is spare energy.
• You shouldn’t turn on immunity.

The Resources Guide

It is not as easy as it seems to advance in Empires and Allies. If there is one thing in the game that is of utmost importance, it is none other than resources. Without resources, you wouldn’t be able to build anything, be it buildings or military units. Also, there would be no possibility of battling or levelling up without them. You have many different resources available and the key to success lies in understanding them and acquiring them. The main resources of this game are Wood, Coins, Ore and Oil.


You would be helpless without this single resource. All units and buildings are going to cost you Coins. With Coins, you can construct new buildings, which in turn, help you to gather other resources required for your empire’s further development. If you are wondering from where you can acquire Coins, then you can collect them by winning battles, daily bonuses, completing the goals, collecting them regularly from your building and last but not the least, by visiting & helping your allies and their empires.


This is the second most important resource one needs to worry about. Wood is needed when you are constructing buildings & decorations. One very important building that needs Wood is the Oil Well. Oil well, in return, provides you with a constant source of Oil. You can acquire Wood in a number of ways:

– By chopping trees in your empire; you get 1 Wood for clearing a bush and up to 10 for clearing a tree.
– You can also purchase them from one of your neighbour’s market place.
– You can have it as a gift from your friend
– You can acquire Wood also by completing quests
– You can get Wood by starting a contract with the Lumber Mill

You can have constant production of Wood by the Lumber Mill, so get it build ASAP.


It is imperative to create advance Ground, Navy and Air units if you want to win the advanced battles. And to create these units, you need Oil. You can acquire Oil from Oil wells, which are a steady source of Oil. However, it would need starting a contract with them.


Another important resource that is required to build military units and advanced buildings is Ore. This happens to be one resource that is most difficult to acquire. You would be required to buy Ore mines to ensure a constant production of Ore. It would require some trading on your part to get a constant supply of ores.

Here are some additional ways of gathering Ore:

– Critical Hit or Critical Kill combat drops
– By winning battles
– Requesting your friends to send you the Ore
– You can also buy them from the market.

It is simply not possible to make progress in the game without the above resources. With Coins, you can have Wood and together with Wood you can obtain Oil. When you have the three resources namely Coins, Wood and Oil, it would become possible for you to construct units and buildings, which in turn allow you to obtain more resources and finally Ore.