Top reasons to avoid sugar

Top reasons to avoid sugar

Is it an addiction or is it a habit? Maybe it is something about its tastes or how it looks. Some say it is the colour while others are attracted to the shape. It is sweet, attractive and smells really good. No matter how disciplined we are, sugar is still notorious for creeping into our body systems somehow. We love it and it certainly enjoys the attention by dominating our bodies and brains. Some may wonder why making something really sweet their ‘best friend’ is a problem.

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Keep Your Heart Healthy with These 7 Proven Ways

The heart is considered the most important organ in our body next to our brains. The heart is responsible for getting the blood into the different parts of our body so they can transport the nutrients and vitamins in them to the cells and other organs that need them. If the heart develops complications, it affects its ability to pump blood to the organs needing them.

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