Best and Worst Traders this Week | 24.July.2018

The most successful trader this week is from Brazil. He took 404 trades to gain + $50k. The worst trader this week is from Germany, total loss of – $275,802 in 124 trades only. Don’t let your trading week come anywhere close to a losing streak. Always check your risk management strategy and let your winners […]

Best and Worst Traders this Week

Best and worst traders by country this week, UK traders lost again, Germany 🇩🇪 came in the lead. I can't stress enough how it's important to manage your position and don't revenge trade. A staggering amount of 63,237 trades and added $86,030 to his balance Best trader is from Germany this week – Click image for more […]

Best and Worst Traders this Week

This week's best trader is from Brazil, only 63 trades to add +$55K to his balance. On the flip side from the UK, another trader managed to lose -$149K in 3,186 trades. That's why money managed is the key to success and It's  important to know when to call it a day close your trading station. You […]

Trade Cryptocurrencies with 1 Click

Minimum deposit $10 Minimum investment $1 No minimal withdrawal requirement Buy bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies with simple 1 click Cutting edge solutions for CFDS, ETFS, FOREX, and Options Established in 2013  Try before you invest with a free $10,000 demo account   Available on Desktop (OS X, Windows, Ubuntu) – Mobile (Android, iOS) & Web […]

Simple MT4 Gap Detector Indicator

I’ve developed a simple MT4 gap detector indicator and decided to share it for free with everyone, give it a go and if it’s useful to you please leave a comment below. Installation Menu File – Open Data Folder Find MQL4 folder -> Indicators folder in the MQL4 folder Add the file in the Indicators […]