Go Ethereum Go!

Ethereum overtakes XRP like a sexy beast šŸ¤£ not sure for how long though, I Ripple (XRP) keeps going strong and make more deals with banks then it'll overtake ETH (Ethereum) again very soon. Ethereum reclaimed its spot as the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap for now and reached $1,200 a market cap of more than $117 billion. šŸ’°

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Did the Cryptocurrency market tumble?

After an incredible bull run last week, the crypto bulls just got a beat, a dramatic reversal in less than 24 hours, Most of top 10 currencies got hit with double-digits losses. The godfather of crypto Bitcoin fell below $13k for the first time in 10 days after a great run to almost $20k, followed by Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Monero and other great ones. But not Ripple (XRP), It’s one of the crypto that held it’s grounds and showed some solid gains šŸ’Ŗ rising over 20% in 24 hours.

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Incredible gains seen in crypto market

Few topĀ cryptocurrencies showed a huge gainĀ over the past 24 hours, as Bitcoin passed a remarkable $17,000.Ā RippleĀ surged more than 40% and Litecoin gained more than 30%,Ā Ā Ethereum gained further 18%, crossing the $600 mark, to add to its all-time high, while DashĀ 12%, crossing the $900, then made a slight correction to trade around $850 this morning.
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Litecoin skyrockets 50%

BitcoinĀ futures was theĀ center of attention in the media yesterday, butĀ Ā LitecoinĀ put a great show with the most impressive gains, It popped 50%, reaching an all-time high of more than $230 and a market cap of more than $13 billion, making it the 4th-largest cryptocurrency.
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