Size of A4 paper in pixels?

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to figure out what is the size of A4 paper in pixels to design a printable presentation so here is what i found …

A4 is 210 x 297mm.

If it is to print on a standard low cost printer, use 72 pixels per inch in resolution: set your image 595 x 842 pxls, 72px/inch

for a better result, use 150px/inch and an image of 1240 x 1754 px.

For professional results (ie a brochure), use 300px/inch and an image of 2480 x 3508 px.

px = Pixels

How to quickly level up on Cityville?

How to Quickly Increase Your Level on Cityville Facebook?

Building your own virtual city on Cityville can be quite difficult if you don’t have a proper strategy.

Playing for long hours at a time will not help you level up fast. You could play all day and night for a week and you still wouldn’t be efficiently increasing in levels.

here are a couple of tips to help out

1. Help out your neighbours. This will provide you with gold coins and goods for your businesses.

2. All crops grow at different rates, depending on the time. Learn which crops grow at what rate.

3. There are no cheats for cityville. developers watching over the players, and if you attempt to cheat your way through, you will eventually get banned. By getting into cheating the gaming system, you are only risking your game account.

4. In order to generate income and to provide goods for the habitants make sure to create enough businesses to match up with the amount of houses you have. If you have too few businesses, your city will be unhappy. If you have more businesses than you need; you will be wasting money.

5. You should invite your friends to help you. They will be your neighbour, and asking them to help you would be beneficial.

6. Try to manage the money you have and only think about building when you have sufficient amount of coins.

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Does Rowntrees Randoms contain pork or beef gelatine?

Some one asked me the following questions: “I was wondering which kind of gelatine does Rowntrees Randoms (nestle) have in them? is it suitable for Muslims and Vegetarians?”

I have contacted nestle and got a reply on 8th of March 2011 that Rowntrees Randoms contain pork gelatine.

I stated the date in case they introduces another pack that doesn’t include pork.

hope it helps! 🙂