A Quick Guide to Chameleon – Heroes of Order & Chaos

Chameleon Guide - Heroes of Order and Chaos

Chameleon (kuirras) is classified as a fighter character, he has 3 active fighting skills and 1 passive, I’ve seen few guides online but am not sure if I agree fully with any of them, each one of us have his/her own strategy and plan while playing, I tend to develop a plan for each character that I see fit so thought to share mine here and i would appreciate it if you comment with any tips or advice below, here it goes …

Chameleon Skills Simplified

Impalement - Chameleon Skills

Impalement: Starts with 80 damage, you toss the enemy into the air following a 0.5 seconds stun , this is great against ranged enemies as they tend to shoot from far then run.

Acidic Stream - Chameleon Skills

Acidic Stream: Starts with 10 damage per second for 8 seconds and reduces enemy speed for 4 seconds, it affects every one that it hits and not limited to one enemy, it’s best early in the game to help kill troops and after Implement to slow down your enemy before escaping.

Ancien Heritage - Chameleon Guide

Ancient Heritage: This is a passive skill, as far as my understanding goes it starts with increasing your movement speed and attack 1% for 8 seconds and stacks up to 10 layers which means on level 1 skill you will get 10% movement and attack speed for 8 seconds if you used 10 skills after each others, when ever you trigger a skill the 8 seconds resets so you have another 8 seconds and so on, when activated it adds another layer to help you stack up and speed up the process.

Shadow skill - Chameleon guide

Shadow: You become invisible for 4 seconds and you can use other sills while attacking without being visible, once 4 seconds are up then the enemy can see you, this skill goes up to 6 seconds. I never use this to escape, usually i use it once i throw the enemy then i become shadow while using the acid and attacking, all that mixed up should finish up your enemy good if you have the right items to accompany it.

Skills Build:

Most of the time the way I build Chameleon skills is by starting with throwing enemy, it helps surprising my enemy and give me a bit of a second to attack so that’s an advantage then I add the Acid then some speed skin thing twice then back to throwing then shadow, so instead of confusing you assume that the skills are numbered and follow the build skills below.

  1. Implement
  2. Acidic Stream
  3. Ancient Heritage
  4. Shadow

1 | 2 | 3 | 3 | 1 | 4 | 1 | 3 | 4 | 3 | 1 | 2 | 4 | 2 | 2

Items build:

The way I buy my items does not necessary work with all of you, it all depends on your team or if you go solo, don’t start with the boots anyway as chameleon has a built in speed booster πŸ™‚ instead of talking here are the images of the items I buy in order, just a note: the items that have speed wings thingy and swords always go with power before speed as chameleon needs power more than speed.

Squires Patience
Buy 2 of these

akhans cutlass
Start with facebreaker

longbow of the shadows
Start with facebreaker

savage boots
Only if need buy them but in general you shouldn’t need them as you can slow your enemy and long range throwing.

divinity sword
Helps you stun your enemy for 1 second so gives you more attack time

Iron claymore
This is a bit expensive but worth it especially if your enemy have some sort of defence armour then you will definitely need it before the Jade Axe

Jade axe
It cheap and effective, reduces your enemy defence for few seconds

hades armor
If you are always ambushed and wondering alone this will give you a better chance of survival, if you don’t need it then invest in buying Iron claymore

Chameleon is a strong character and better in long games to get a better chance in levelling up and gearing well, so go for train map.


You should setup a good mix of talents for your fighter, my talents are set for guardian and support a mix between both (http://youtu.be/uL6rp7KO2-g) but that’s my setting as am mostly playing guardian and support, so you should find a good mix between fighter / guardian or fighter / support . I would say go for fighter/support as support has some gold thing that will help you earn extra gold.


Fill up your 3 tablets if you unlocked them, the main one for you as a fighter wold be the Protection bubble thingy, gives you a better chance for survival especially when being hit early in the game since you won’t have a lot of HP to support you like guardians.

That’s all what i have to say for now, hope its useful, please leave your comment and tips below to help others build their ultimate chameleon.

Your Guide to Tablets & Inscriptions – Heroes of Order & Chaos

So what are Tablets?

In short it gives you some additional powers like an extra attack speed or defence, it can help you reduce damage received or gives you protection while teleporting to base, If you by the right tablet it might help out while in battle so consider buying one at least to start with and add more as you earn more money.

How to use Tablets?

  • You need to unlock a tablet slot
  • Unlocking cost game money (Runes or Emblems)
  • Once unlocked yo need to add a tablet
  • To activate the tablet you need to fill it with inscriptions

Thats the very quick summary of what we will be discussing here today, so bare with me if you already know what am about to say, if you are interested in a certain section just jump to the title and skip the rest of the titles, so here it goes …

Unlocking Tablets Slots

Once you select Tablets from the left menu you might get a bit confused, well don’t πŸ™‚ what you need to do is unlock a tablet slot before you can buy and use a tablet, to do so it will cost you some money (game money) 1st slot cost 500 emblems 2nd slot cost 5k emblems, 3 slot cost 10k emblems, you can only have 3 active tablets at a time but you can own more that 3 if that makes sense to you, So to keep it simple: you can buy 10 tablets or more but you can have 3 active at once.

Unlocking Tablets - Heroes of Order & Chaos

Once tablet slot is unlocked you will need to buy a tablet.

Buying Tablets

To buy a tablet you need to go to the shop, you can do so from the tablets page or just go directly to the shop, Tablet costs 2K emblems.

Buying Tablets Unlocking Tablets - Heroes of Order & Chaos

From the tablet page you can click on β€œmanagement” once you are in just tap β€œbuy tablet” and it should take you to the store.

If you prefer going to the store way just select the store from the left menu and you will find few options on the new opened window, scroll to the right till you find β€œitems” once expanded you will find β€œtablets” whichever way you choose it should be pretty straight forward if you’ve played with the game for some time.

Activating Tablets

To activate any tablet you need to fill it with something called inscriptions which looks like little stones with some engravings on them, these inscriptions are divided into 2 sections a. Is Order and b. Is chaos.

inscriptions - Heroes of Order & Chaos

Each tablet needs certain amount of order and chaos to be equipped and active, when buying any inscription it will tell you in its description how many order points or chaos points it have.

Manage Tablet - Heroes of Order & Chaos

Once you fill the tablet with the required inscription you should be ready to save and ascend .

In the shop you should find 3 types of inscriptions

  • Bronze – have three energy
  • Solver – have 4 energy
  • Gold – have 5 energy

Buy and Exchanging Inscriptions

To buy an inscription you need to go to shop -> Items -> Inscript.

There you will find 2 types of inscription (Bronze & Silver) you can read the description of each one and see if it has order and chaos points before you buy it then add it to your tablet.

To get the Gold inscription you need to exchange 4 silver inscriptions, this is a random process so sometimes it wont be worth it to do the exchange, unless you have some extra money you want to spend then you can exchange an unwanted gold inscription with another one you want.

First here is how you exchange, in the β€œTablets” menu tap exchange, once in you will find 3 options, the first one is to exchange 4 bronze to 1 random silver, second option is to exchange 4 silver to 1 random gold, third option is to exchange 1 unwanted gold to 1 wanted gold and pay 4k emblems.


Selecting inscription to exchange

Exchanging Bronze inscriptions

Adding bronze inscriptions

getting silver inscription

Exchanging Silver to Gold Inscription

Adding Silver Inscription

Winning Gold Inscription

Quick Tip: it is cheaper to upgrade bronze inscriptions to silvers then from silver to gold as 1 bronze cost 150 each and Solver cost 675 each, if you do the math

Bronze: 4 x 150 = 600 – Solver: 675 (you save 75)