Are You a Couch Potato? It’s Time to Get Out

Being a couch potato does no good to your body. That’s because the body becomes lazy, and your metabolism becomes slow. This leads to being overweight, as your body is taking in more calories than it is expending for physical activities. Being overweight places you more at risk to health problems. Thus it is important to stop being a couch potato and start getting out of your lazy routine.
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Take Control of Your Emotions: How to Beat Uncontrolled Anger

It’s normal for someone to be angry. In fact, anger is a well-recognised emotion, and if you’re feeling it, you are encouraged to express yourself. This is to ensure that such negative emotion doesn’t start to build up inside. However, when your anger causes you to hurt yourself or other people, or when you feel like you can no longer control it, then it’s a completely different story. Unless you are able to control it, it will surely cause your own destruction.

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Becoming the Ultimate Backpacker

One of the best things you can ever do in your life is to travel. Though Earth may not be the biggest planet in the solar system, there’s definitely a lot of good things to see and people to meet. However, with the rising costs of fuel, it becomes a lot harder for you to move from one country to another, even from state to state. Let’s not forget the price of accommodation these days, where you would be spending hundreds to thousands of dollars every night.

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Small but Meaningful Ways to Making Your Wife Happy

A relationship is not just made up of happy times. Whether you’re exclusively dating, or bound my marriage, there will be problems that will make both of you go out of your minds and threaten your relationship. That is why it is important to keep the other party happy. As a husband, it is part of your responsibility when you signed that paper during the marriage to keep your wife happy. Remember, failure to keep the wife happy can result to serious problems later on which are not good especially when there are kids involved.

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The Art and Science of Family Camping

Are you running out of activities to do with your family? Why don’t you try to camp? There are a lot of benefits from it. First, it brings a family a lot closer, since they have to depend on one another while out there in the wild. It also costs less than traveling in other countries or states. They don’t have to spend a lot on accommodation and food. Third, children will get to appreciate nature a lot better, and it teaches them how to be more responsible and mature.

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How Are Men from Mars and Women Are from Venus

The analogy and the rules of the universe hardly ever change despite the introduction of new technology and ways of life. Dogs will never have peace with cats in the same way that felines will always hunt for mice. When it comes to human species, there will always be a huge difference between men and women. In fact, their gap starts from the moment they are born.
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How to Soften Up the Macho Image without Appearing a Wuss

Men are known to be tough—made of steel. But it doesn’t really mean that you there’s no such thing as gentleness and chivalry running through your veins. Softening up that rough image will not only get you plenty of girls—most female species are attracted to guys who are gentlemen—but you will also be proud of yourself. There are only a few of you left today.
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