What are Micronutrients?

Micronutrients are the class of nutrients comprised of substances that are needed by the body in trace amounts but are, nevertheless, essential for proper functioning of the body. They include certain vitamins, trace elements and some other organic compounds. LIST OF MICRONUTRIENTS The nutrients falling under the category of micronutrients include Microminerals: needed in very […]

Small steps to a great nutrition plan

Beauty has been redefined down the ages and both men and women have now begun to equate health to beauty. All of us want to achieve a lifestyle that allows us to be healthy and trim. People who believe that maintaining a fit body is their duty invest in expensive exercise machines, sessions with dieticians and even enrol in spas.

Great fat-loss factors that everyone needs to know

When you’re ready to make some changes to your body fat it’s important that you understand where you are starting from and what you can expect before diving. People often tend to forget that diet planning and its success depends mainly on your body’s given conditions.