What is a Landing Page and Why Should I Care?

landing page samples

A lot of time my clients ask me “what is a landing page? and do i really need it?
well the short answer version is YES AND YES, now here is some details on why. Landing page is the page on your website where you direct certain traffic to do an action, It is usually used to direct traffic from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, Facebook Ads, Twitter Sponsored tweets or even a simple banner on another website, this helps you measure and know a lot about your visitors.
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10 Premium WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Quickstart Real Estate

The Real Estate Business is always booming everywhere. A lot of companies are opening everyday and a lot of people would like to reach the broker online to view the areas and properties available therefor more demand on Real estate wordpress themes, so i’ve gathered some premium wordpress themes for all of you out there who are looking for real estate wordpress themes.
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