Responsive App Landing Pages

Appica is a set of two different fully responsive landing pages designed in iOS7 and Android styles. Thus the presentation of your app will look naturally whether it is made for iPhone or Android phone. It’s layout remains perfect on any devices with any screen sizes. More than that Appica has such trendy features as background parallax effect, slide out menu, flat one page design, etc. It’s based on Bootstrap 3.0 and is highly customisable.

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WordPress Crowd Funding Themes

Crowd-funding is becoming a trend these days to raise funds from family, friends or even public to support efforts initiated by you or other people. The idea of Crowd-funding has been on the rise and has been successfully used in supporting new inventions, Free or open source software development, scientific research, and games development. You can now setup your own fund raising website using WordPress.
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10 Premium WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Quickstart Real Estate

The Real Estate Business is always booming everywhere. A lot of companies are opening everyday and a lot of people would like to reach the broker online to view the areas and properties available therefor more demand on Real estate wordpress themes, so i’ve gathered some premium wordpress themes for all of you out there who are looking for real estate wordpress themes.
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