7 facts about corn

Corn is the most produced food commodity in the United States, which produces 36.5% of the world’s corn yearly;

Coca-Cola has corn. In fact, many brands of soft drinks including Pepsi and Coke include corn sweeteners;

40% of corn is used in ethanol production. Believe it or not, ethanol prices play a major role in influencing the price of corn;

Before WWII, most corn was harvested by hand. The first mechanical corn harvester was developed in 1930 by the Gleaner Harvester Combine Corporation;

Corn is a highly seasonal commodity. The seasonal trends in corn are based on the plantation and harvest periods;

There are more than 3,500 uses for the plant including oil, baby food, peanut butter, animal feed, cereals, soups, ice cream, cooking oil, potato chips, chewing gum, flour, sugar, alcohol and we’re just getting started;

When the early settlers came to North America, corn was such a valuable commodity that it was used as currency and traded for other products. Today people continue to invest in this commodity and you can even trade it online with IQ Option