Weight Loss Tip

Weight Loss Tips, Substitute your smoothie for a whey protein shake.

Smoothies are always nice to drink and better than a lot of other drinks that you might have, but depends on the ingredients it can pack a lot of calories, If you decided to have a reduced calories smoothie like Almond Orange Smoothie why not add to it some whey protein powder.

This will help you meet your daily protein requirement which most of us struggle to do and helps you stop the cravings you get.

Low calories whey protein shakes can save you up to 300 calories especially if it’s home-made protein smoothie, It will also help you consume an additional 25 grams of protein (depending on your whey protein), which will lead to losing this extra bit you have.

If you don’t know the role of protein in your nutrition it’s important to your over-all body function and health, It’s involved in more than muscle tissue repair like the repair of red blood cells, hair, nails, regulation of hormone secretion, muscle contraction, digestion, body’s water balance, protection against disease, regulation of blood clotting and many more.

You can find an orange cream flavour from Myprotein Impact Whey Protein that you can add to your orange almond smoothie.