Best and Worst Traders this Week

This week's best trader is from Brazil, only 63 trades to add +$55K to his balance. On the flip side from the UK, another trader managed to lose -$149K in 3,186 trades. That's why money managed is the key to success and It's  important to know when to call it a day close your trading station.

You can't make money if you don't have money left in your account, and you can't revenge trade to make up your loss. Some of my best trades are the ones I opened with a stop-loss and a target level for taking profits, this way I can ride the profit and not worry about losing all my money.

Best trader is from Brazil this week – Click image for more
Worst trader is from the UK this week – Click image for more

The slow transaction time and high fees made some of the bitcoin followers turn to litecoin, It might have caused a bump of +4.7% for the week.

Best and Worst crypto of the week – Click image for more

How did your trading week go? Do you have any tips or tricks for other traders?

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