Mutant Whey Review

I’ve used it for about 3 months now so I thought let me write Mutant Whey review, if you came across this post then you might be interested in buying it and wanted to check what others are saying about it first so here it goes.

While it’s hard to review a whey protein supplement as it’s one of the most basic supplements anyone can buy, usually the cheapest one wins and fly off the shelves.

It’s interesting that they are using 5 different sources of whey protein in order to deliver results (all whey blend, and not a blend from different sources).

Regardless of what their claims are, my personal experience drinking mutant whey is I got a fuller muscle feel next day I woke up, which doesn’t usually happen, maybe it fits well into my diet or it’s actually improving my body I cannot really tell, it’s just a good feeling next day when your muscles feel full, not like other whey proteins I tried in the past, They might be up to something here.

Mixing the whey was easy and blends well with water and milk especially almost milk, but I prefer to blend whey using a blender like nutribullet to add some fruits in there.

You can find cheap Mutant whey and other brands of protein on eBay