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This is the longest word yet on Street Countdown!
We would like to point out that today is not Richard Ayoade’s birthday. The Internet lied to us. Once. Back in 2014. We may still be bitter. However, he is apparently a dark horse candidate for the next Doctor and the new host of the revival of The Crystal Maze, a British game show. On that note, we’re going to hit you with a few puzzles.

1) Name a word with five syllables. When the first syllable is removed, instead of four syllables, no syllable remains. (from a 1795 puzzle book)

2) There’s a baseball team of 20 kids. At the end of the season, they all go to the coach’s house to have a barbecue. The coach says, “You can’t wear your hats at the barbecue.” So, all the kids take their hats, and they throw them in a big pile. When they get ready to leave, what’s the probability that 19 out of 20 of these kids get their correct hat? (from an episode of Car Talk)

Find the answers later in this email. Do you have a puzzle or brain teaser in your head that you’d like to share with the world? Send it to Timmy, and we may use it in a future episode of this newsletter!