Heighten your sexual mood the natural way

Everyone knows how important it is to keep the sex life going especially between married couples. Poor sex life is a major factor for infidelity and adultery which, besides being morally unacceptable, causes extreme emotional distress to the parties that can lead to more health concerns later on. Here are few tips on How to heighten your sexual mood.
That’s where aphrodisiacs come in. Aphrodisiacs are merely chemical substances that aim to stimulate the production of hormones and initiate the bodily reactions that serve to heighten the mood for sex. Young people normally don’t need this, but older individuals need to use aphrodisiacs to introduce receptive moods for sex in both himself and the other parties.

When choosing your aphrodisiac, it is best to choose only the natural ones for they are without possible side effects. Natural aphrodisiacs are also easy to come across; the world itself produces them and they harnessed and processed by organic companies into food supplements that can help to increase sexual receptiveness. Here are a few of the natural aphrodisiacs you can choose from:

Oyster Extracts

Oysters are considered one of the most potent aphrodisiacs the world has ever borne fruit to. Although scientists are not exactly clear at how the oysters kick up one’s libido, they have some theories and most of these centers around the trace element zinc. In the context of the male reproductive system, zinc has these functions:

  • Zinc heightens the libido by keeping testosterone levels within the acceptable levels to induce excellent sexual performance. The prostrate gland, for example, has the highest amount of zinc within the body.
  • The sperm also contains zinc. The zinc is removed from the body with every ejaculation. This is attributed as the cause for decreased sexual drive with every orgasm and ejaculation of sperm from the man’s body. The body naturally compensates for this, but the ability to do so decreases with age.


For quite a while now, the Japanese raw fish diet of sushi has been considered a potent aphrodisiac. However, it is said that a component of the dish is responsible for the heightened sexual mood that sushi brings. This ingredient is the green horseradish found in the dish, which the Japanese call wasabi. It is a spicy condiment that gives that erotic and hot flavour to Sushi. Despite being eaten raw, which most people find repulsive, sushi itself does have its merits to the person, especially in his sexual life.


Caviar is yet another natural aphrodisiac in the world. Like oysters, caviar’s aphrodisiac values have not been scientifically explained. However, scientists have ascertained that caviar is rich in vitamins and minerals. In fact, there are over 47 of them in a single serving of caviar. We all know how vitamins play a part in the body’s performance, sexual properties included. Throughout the years people thought caviar can enhance the performance of the body’s nerves and increase sexual response to stimulation. Whatever the reason, many people have tried and benefited from the use of caviar to get that libido going when it’s needed.