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Great Sources of Vitamin A

If you’re one of those who grow up with moms forcing you to eat fruits and vegetables, then you should be thankful by now. There’s a huge chance that you’re not suffering from any form of major illness and that you have a healthy body, including healthy eyesight.

Indeed, it is very difficult for someone to have an eye problem. One may have to wear glasses or contact lenses all the time, which can be truly troublesome. You’re also limited on what you can do. You cannot do jobs that require extensive attention to detail or those that require a 20/20 vision. Moreover, when you get old, you may not be able to clearly see the world. There are also certain eye conditions that can lead to permanent damage and blindness.

To prevent that, you need to load yourself with vitamin A, and fortunately, you will never really run out of good sources, So what are some great sources of Vitamin A ?

Where to Get Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most abundant vitamins that you can find today. And perhaps unknown to you, they don’t only come from green and yellow leafy vegetables. They may also come from animals.

For the fruits and vegetables, we have carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, grapefruit, spinach, broccoli, green dandelions, kale, winter squash, beets, collards, green mustard, Chinese cabbage, and green turnips, among others. You can have them eaten separately, or you can go for mixed vegetables just so you can have them in variety. There are also some of them that are already canned, so there’s no need for intense preparation, but you have to make sure that the manufacturing process doesn’t also strip them off the vitamin. A number of them such as carrots can be eaten raw or with a simple dash of mayonnaise, so they would also be delectable. Health conscious can also have them transformed into juices.

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Vitamin A can also come from the animals, in the form of liver and eggs. However, for the latter, most of them would come from the hens rather than from the chickens. You can also find such vitamin in milk, most notably cow’s milk. In the United States, most of their dairy products are already fortified with vitamin A, so if you’re going to drink a glass of milk, you can already be getting as much as 10 percent of the recommended intake of vitamin A.

When You Don’t Like to Eat Veggies

Now there are some people who don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables at all. They also can’t take in a lot of meat or dairy products, as too much can be very bad to your health. Not taking in veggies, however, can be more detrimental. To ensure that you can still get vitamin A, you can choose among the alternative choices. First, you can go for oats and cereals that already contain the vitamin. There are also vitamin A supplements that you can now buy over the counter. They usually come in the form of capsules that you have to take in certain parts of the day.

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