How to pet a kitty

Here is a great illustration by showing a step by step guide on how to pet a kitty.

1 – The kitty decides when it’s petting time.

2 – Don’t pet the kitty like this, it’s wrong.

3a – If the kitty purrs, you are doing a satisfactory job.
3b – If kitty dozes off, you are doing an excellent job.
3c – If the kitty is staring at you with their ears pointed backwards, you are doing an unsatisfactory job.

4a – If the kitty exposes their belly, it is an invitation for a tummy rub
4b – Don’t turn the invitation down. It has been said that petting the tummy of a kitty is like frolicking in the back hair of an angel.
4c – An exposed belly, however, can also mean kitty wants to ensure into whiskered bear trap composed of claws, teeth and agony.
4d – The trick is to look into their eyes first…..

and many more….

How to pet a kitty
How to pet a kitty