7 of the quirkiest restaurants in the world

The Rock
Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Rock Restaurant
“This restaurant is on top of a large mound of coral or rock surrounded by sea.” by Travelgraag

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
Rangali Island, Maldives

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
“Great food, surrounded by the coral reef and the life under the ocean!” by Leolo L

The Treehouse Restaurant at the Alnwick Garden
Alnwick, England

The Treehouse Restaurant at the Alnwick Garden
“TREE-mendous… Great food, lovely welcoming service and a unique location.” by DerbySunshine-fan

Ninja New York
New York City, US

Ninja New York
“Want something more than just delicious food with an Asian theme? How about ninjas!?” by Joseph N

Heart Attack Grill
Las Vegas, US

“The food, although unashamedly unhealthy, is fantastic, the hotdog and the chilli fries were amazing.” by deville1984

Ristorante Grotta Palazzese
Polignano a Mare, Italy

“This is a really magical spot…set inside a large cave that extends all the way to the back…” by Irena K

‘s Baggers
Bavaria, Germany

s Baggers
“The food comes to you via a roller coaster. Great laugh and it works too.” by Claudia C