Creative Uses for Vinegar

So I was looking around online to check what do people use vinegar for and found some interesting results, to keep things short, here is what i found.

Dilute some vinegar and use it as a spray cleaner for fresh fruits and vegetables, it kills bacteria and keeps it fresh for longer

Use it for Fabric Softener

Use it to wash clothes, and make whites brighter

Half white vinegar and half water mixed in a spray bottle. Spray the shower stall after showering to clean the hard water build up

It works great in clearing clogged drains, add a layer of baking soda then a layer of salt then another a layer of baking soda and a layer of salt then pour in some vinegar on it all and flush it out with hot water.

Use it to clean windows

Use it in dishwashers to keep those water spots away

Use it with baking soda to clean stubborn dishes

Use it to clean stains out of carpets with a steamer

Please share yours in the comment box below

image by © Robert Magorien | Dreamstime Stock Photos