What is Viral Marketing

You must have heard about it! But do you really understand what viral marketing entails? It’s not your regular marketing technique. Rather, it’s a process that has gained increasing popularity among the Internet Marketers online.

The phrase ‘Viral Marketing’ comprises of two words – ‘Viral’ & ‘Marketing’. If we take it literally, it means a marketing technique that spreads the word about your company at the speed of an epidemic spread by a biological virus. Basically, viral marketing uses individuals as tools for marketing, quite unlike the traditional modes of marketing.

A classical case of viral marketing is the emails by Yahoo and MSN that include a link to every outgoing message at the bottom of email that leads back to their website. In other words, people were unconsciously involved in marketing the email service hosted by MSN and Yahoo. The power of email is widely known as almost every other person on the planet now has an email account and many of them use it regularly to keep in touch with their known ones. It’s this power that email services, like Yahoo and MSN, exploit by including the marketing links to every outgoing mail.

The benefit of viral marketing to the advertiser is its relatively cheaper cost. All that’s needed is a simple code tweaking so that every outgoing mail has a marketing link at the bottom. So, the existing resources were used to devise a new marketing strategy without incurring too much expenditure.

Another classical example is Youtube and other free video services that host marketing videos that you can easily share with your target audience by simply forwarding a link. All you require is inserting a link on the video to entice the users to click or visit the website for similar content.

Perhaps, the most important ingredient of a viral marketing mode is the existence of marketing angle in your campaign. There’s no use if you are simply reaching out to the masses through your network. You need to entice them in order to turn these leads into sales.

Summary: Viral Marketing is an inexpensive mode of marketing the products and services through already established networks. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, the reach of viral marketing is immense and the potential for conversion is pretty high.