Forge Master – #42 – Heroes of Order & Chaos Gameplay

Heroes of Order & Chaos | Rift at Sinskaald

Forge Master | 5v5

My Team
Savage of the Deep
Reborn Tyrant
Dark Elf Exile
Forge Master

Evil Team
Golem Guardian
Dark Elf Exile
Phase Master

Stats for This Game
Killed: 6 | Deaths: 0 | Combo Kills: 1 | Multiple Kills: 4 | Damage Dealt: 27,257
Damage Received: 4,101 | Gain: 7,375 G | Soldiers: 36 | Towers: 2

Revival Time: 00 : 00 | Game Time: 13 : 14

Let me know which character should i try next …

I don’t have a specific strategy so if you have any ideas, tips or comments please feel free to post it below.

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  • Zaril Boo

    Get a fername’s blade as it slows enemies down if enemy’s been hit by a skill. Really works cuz ppl cant get out of the hammer range while the hammer is about to expode. 😀