Goblin Scout – #18 – Heroes of Order & Chaos Gameplay

My “Talent” setting for (Support/Guardian) is displayed before the gameplay

after that there is the waiting for the game to start about 2 minutes so sorry about that πŸ™‚

Heroes of Order & Chaos | Rift at Sinskaald

Goblin Scout | 5v5

Evil Team
Reborn Tyrant
Doom Prophet
Golem Guardian (12-B)
Goblin Scout
Elemental Lord

My Team
Demon Hunter
Golem Guardian (12-B)
Harbinger of Doom
Nomad Assassin
Goblin Scout — me

Stats for This Game
Killed: 8 | Deaths: 0 | Combo Kills: 1 | Multiple Kills: 4 | Damage Dealt: 38,641
Damage Received: 7,308 | Gain: 10,674 G | Soldiers: 46 | Towers: 0

Revival Time: 00 : 00 | Game Time: 18 : 55

Let me know which character should i try next …

I don’t have a specific strategy so if you have any ideas, tips or comments please feel free to post it below.

— All rights of Heroes of Order and Chaos Game belongs to Gameloft

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