Why Domain Names are So Vital for Your Business

One of the most significant decisions in setting up a website is the domain name. Having a good domain name can provide a lot of advantages to your business or personal website.

It can help potential clients and visitors to find your website with ease. With every day passing; the web is becoming more crowded and more people are registering domain names, it’s becoming really hard to find a good domain name that suits your website purposes. Having a unique and catchy domain name is crucial for businesses and individuals to help your website succeed,  think of it this way “the easier the domain to remember; the easier it is for the user remembering it”.

Key factors when buying a domain:

  • Domain name should be easy to remember.
  • Domain name should be unique and easy to spell out.
  • Try to keep it as close as possible to your business nature or company name.
  • Capital letters doesn’t count when selecting a name.
  • Try to stay away from using symbols and hyphens in domain name.
  • Consider .org for non-commercial purpose and .com for commercial.
  • Register more than just .com domain to avoid other from cloning your website on a different domain extension like .net,, .org and so on …

Why have a Good Domain Name?

People tend to have hard time remembering a domain name even if it’s easy, unless they really like your website then it’s bookmarked in their mind. We’ll some stuff that we think why a good domain name would help you out.

1. Catchy name

Catchy Name is always memorable. The more memorable it is the more people will visit your website, the more famous it will be, So take your time and select a domain name that is catchy.

2. Better Branding and Fewer Search Errors

Short domains are considered as good domain names, usually that’s a one word domain, it could be expensive to buy some times. Not only they are easier to remember but also they are very helpful to keep your brand’s permanence across your domain name, products and logo. Users are less likely misspell short names that results in fewer search errors.

3. Improve Search Engine Rankings

A good domain will help improving your search engines ranking. It means that potential customers and normal visitors will come across your website earlier during search process. If you have more visitors at your business site, you have more chances conversion rate, which will lead to more sales.

4. Future investment

A good domain name is am great investment, some people do that for living, it’s called domain flipping (we’ll talk more about that in another article) which means they buy good domains and sell them for higher prices, the better your domain the higher it will be sold.

In short keep everything nice and simple, easy to remember and relevant to your website purpose. Following these principals during the process of choosing a domain name, your site will have a good start over many of new ones starting up today. And if you have not registered or reserved your domain name yet, hurry up and buy it while you still can!

Buy your domain name today!