Harpie Slayer – #3 – Heroes of Order & Chaos Gameplay

Harpie Slayer – Heroes of Order & Chaos Gameplay 12 Sep. 2013

Heroes of Order & Chaos | Rift at Sinskaald

Harpie Slayer | 5v5

Evil Team
raintemplar (Reborn Tyrant)

feadorpupkin (Harpie Slayer)

goldragon2012 (Battle Mage)

Barbarbox (Paladin Grandmaster)

pingweng (Savage Princess)

My Team
mokie0209 (Molten Lord)
elcesaron (Savage Princes)

flashsolver (Harpie Slayer) — me
xiniunguyet1 (Dark Elf Exile)

ilove_rosemarie (Planewalker)

My Stats for This Game
Killed: 7 | Deaths: 2 | Combo Kills: 2 | Multiple Kills: 5 | Damage Dealt: 26,883
Damage Received: 3,641 | Gain: 7,268 G | Soldiers: 53 | Towers: 1

Revival Time: 00 : 52 | Game Time: 15 : 55

This was a live recording of the game not a replay, in case you were wondering.

Although I might be in a high rank level am still a newbie and don’t play with a specific strategy so if you have any ideas, tips or comments please feel free to post it below.

— All rights of Heroes of Order and Chaos Game belongs to Gameloft