• ShadowyWhisper

    I cant get enough resources, people are getting millions of gold and elixir and thousands of Dark Elixir every day.

    On the other hand, I’m able to get 400,000 gold/elixir and 500 Dark Elixir maximum from my usual 4-6 raids. Is there something wrong?

    I’m not losing much from defences but I can’t accumulate enough from raids at all. I lose about 100,000 per day from defences.

    I have:

    Level 4 troops(working on 5 but need to get more for lab, which is why I’m eager for more resources)
    TH8 (premature because I can’t get enough resources)
    180 troop population
    Barracks up to Dragons.

    As I said, I don’t have trouble with defences and I’m mainly worried about attacks.

    What I usually do is have 1 Healer, 12-14 Giants, 20 Barbarians, 30 Archers, 1 Dragon for cleanup in case I get 49% or something, Level 1 Barbarian King, 5 or so Wall breakers.

    I’m currently farming in Gold 3 because above that the bases are REALLY hard. I just blow up the first line of walls with Wall breakers and put in my Giants, take out closest AD, deposit Healers, then put my Barbarians there and surround the perimeter with Archers.

    However, I CANNOT raid very well against TH8s or even less likely, TH9. Thus far, I’ve only had one successful TH9 raid and he had Level 3 Walls and empty X-Bows.

    So, any tips? Most of the raids I do are TH7 and they don’t have much loot or else they’re maxed out or close to it.

    • rdtx2012

      dragon is not really that great for farming. Lose the dragon, put up another healer and see what happens.

  • fazzat

    once you get level 5 barbs and archers just use about 80 barbs 100 archers 2 giants and five wall breakers with that if the base isn’t the best you can get their loot if not go collector raiding


    Train 2 barracks of archers, 2 for barbs and in one with barbs put in some wall breakers before the barbs. Then, just farm collector bases.

    Once you get set it’s super easy to make 2 million a day. With that army comp you can raid 3 times in an hour.