Brilliant Examples of Lego Creations

Today I have gathered brilliant collection of Lego Art, Some of these pieces took days to complete.

Lego Star Wars

Lego Sculpture 070

Sony Center Berlin: Lego sculpture

Little Lego baby duck

Che Guevara Lego mosaic

Max Mosaic 2

What's Up Doc?

PEEK A BOO...... I SEE YOU!!!!

Emergence of an Artist (12/12)

Dutch LEGO Cow

Pencil-Pusher (5/12)

Lego Swimmer (Nathan Sawaya)


LEGO Halo RvB Sarge - front

LEGO Kenny McKormick - killed by axe

LEGO Yoshi & Luigi

LEGO Moai - minifig

LEGO Gargoyle - minifig

Yosemite Sam

Lego Batman

"Stepping In?" (10/12)

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