Failed to install documentation for OS X 10.8 Core Library

Hello everyone, i couldn’t install any documentation for xcode, it keeps giving this error in the image below.

Failed to install documentation for OS X

Failed to install documentation on OS X

so i was wondering if there was a path that i need to fix or something after i upgraded from 10.6 to 10.7 and now am on 10.8.2 so maybe xcode references are still stuck on the old 10.6 if it was actually possible or makes any sense.

So i started fiddling around and checked the permissions set on

Folder permissions

it seems to be set correct, so i tried renaming the docsets folder (the one that shows in the error message) then restarted Xcode and open the Downloads > Documentation preference pane, Xcode re-create the directory then everything worked fine, so i moved the extra libraries that i needed and downloaded the ones i wanted, i discovered that the folder group was incorrect.

check the “new directory setting” bellow and compare it to the one you have if you have the same problem, so basically the old group setting was set to the computer’s owner name as if the owner has created the folder not xcode.

Old Group Setting

Old Group Setting

New Group Setting

New Group Setting

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