My Assault Experience

I bet most of you think that this is something to do with a real assault, well sorry to disappoint you ! this is a Muscle Pharm Assault supplement experience, I thought since i got the product so why not say something about since its my first trial of amy Muscle Pharm supplement.

First let me tell you which one I purchased

MusclePharm: Assault – 8 Servings – Fruit Punch

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I got the 8 Servings as a test just to see if it actually work or my friends are just hyped with a product that looks cool and if it worked I would buy the larger tub.

As I mentioned above i git the Fruit Punch and it actually taste very nice, it reminds me of the taste of chewing gum i used to buy on my way back from school when i was a kid so thumbs up for that.

Jogging Experience
On my first day of taking the supplement i actually felt a difference, on the tub it says take it pre workout by 20 ~ 30 mins and i did, it worked well after 15 mins when i was jogging, I hate jogging cause i get bored for some reason, even if i jog through the park on my way to the gym, for some reason i was so focused and didn’t get bored this time, wasn’t tired for the 15 ~ 20 mins it takes me from my place to the gym.

Workout Experience
Once i hit the gym i don’t need to warm up cause i already warm up jogging to the gym, all i have to do is just grab some light weight and make sure my joints and core muscles are good to go by doing few movement then i start my workout. Today I decided to work back, shoulders and abs just to get out of routine and see if the supplement will actually keep me focused along with the boost i need, so i started working out and it was 30 mins past since i drank it so far it was like my normal workout, didn’t feel any difference so i thought that’s weird cause i felt it while jogging then I went to drink some water and thought let me relax for few mins maybe my body needs some rest before moving to the next workout cause i was jogging a bit faster than usual, so after 45 mins from drinking it i felt all energetic and hyper that’s when it actually kicked in, it was a really good feeling and thats when i knew i had to start my workout again, i lifted my weights as normal, it took me less time to recover (30 secs) and each set felt like it was my first (wohoo).

Smell In the tub the Fruit Punch smells like bubblegum. When mixed with water, it has a slightly sweeter scent, I have a sweet tooth so i like anything related to sweets, some of you might not like it though if you don’t like sweet stuff.

Energy I don’t usually take any stimulant in my daily life or in supplements, Assault contains some Caffeine Anhydrous so to me half a scoop (Serving Size 23G ½ Scoop) was enough to give me NOTICEABLE boost of energy. The energy is smooth and constant, It lasted around 12 hours which sucked for me cause i went gym at night! it might be different in your case but i thought to give you a warning.

Focus My focus didn’t waver, either in the gym or out of it, and working was definitely easy. As with energy, without stimulants I am non-functional, but I was alert and very productive, with great concentration.

Pumps I can’t comment on the pump yet, I have to keep up for another week or so then will be updating this section.

Endurance Definitely! my endurance got better from the first time and kept getting better and better.

Strength I had to changed my training programme from day 1 just to test it out and i felt strength but more in a sense of recovering fast and feeling that each set is my first set so i have all my energy and power, this helped me increase my weights and push my self to the max without feeling it.

Recovery Even though I was lifting heavier and changed my whole workout routine my recovery was pretty good compared to before taking Assault, i felt fresh and had the energy to keep going, that’s including the pre warmup cardio for around 20 ~ 25 mins.

Would I recommend? Indeed!

Would I use again? Yeah I will, it gives me what I want so far so I ordered the MusclePharm Assault Blue Arctic Raspberry – 32 Servings.

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