Tips on Coping with Tragedy

When you start to cry, it will be perceived as weakness. But it shouldn’t as you are also a human being blessed with emotions. Just like the rest of us, who feels lonely, depressed, and needs to cope with a set of tragedies.

There are a lot of reasons why we feel desperate and totally hopeless. It could mean death of a loved one, a strained relationship, or a job loss. Whatever it is we need to find a way to cope with the pain.

A tragedy is a phase and something that can be won but just in case the road seems to be too difficult to tread, you can simply remember the following things:

1. Give yourself time to grieve. You can expect to go through all sorts of negative emotions when tragedy strikes. You will be in a period of complete denial. There are times when you would wake up and feel the loss even at the early times of the day. The direction that could have been so well-paved is something you don’t want to follow anymore. These are the days when you don’t want to see your friends, answer their phone calls, get out and have fun, take a vacation, or even go to work.

There will always be pain in tragedies. Worse, no amount of consolation can remove it. It will take days or even months before you can see the shine again or get rid of the bed that have been your main comfort for the longest time. You will surely grieve; and you should, but once you decide that you’re ready to move on, make sure that you really are because there is definitely no point in wallowing again.

2. Know that there’s a reason to it. When you feel so much hurt, the question why will always remain unanswered. You will never get to comprehend the reasons why it happened and why you should go through everything. However, be comforted by the thought that there’s a definite purpose attached to it. You may not know it now—and there’s no point in doing so—but soon it will be open up to you. At its perfect time, the why can find the right reply, and you will begin to appreciate the pain. It has its own special meaning in your life.

3. Get past it. The road will be hard and tedious. In fact, no matter how much you try to get rid of the negative emotions in your life, the memories will continue to haunt you. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t have the power to reclaim yourself and be the ultimate winner in the end. Little by little, you can re-introduce the activities that you love doing. You can perhaps gather your closest friends over bottles of beer and talk about the good things that are happening to them. Jog, hit the gym, and just keep yourself healthy. Enrich your life through travels and seeking better opportunities for your career. Give plenty of room for new things.

Before you know it, all that is left is the memory and a renewed you.

MY DOLL image by © Clarita | Dreamstime.com