Setting up a Diet Plan B

The word diet is a very painful one for those who realise that to be healthy they need to curb the amount of food they consume. The world has witnessed ever changing fads for diets in the past century. This is as a direct result of the awareness of how crucial food is to health.

A balanced diet is the consumption of the right amount of the necessary nutrients required for healthy growth and activity, which includes fat, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and also fibre and water. A balanced diet will help you achieve optimised growth and enable your body to be active. Being active in turn helps your body from becoming obese. A balanced diet and exercise therefore goes along way towards ensuring a healthy and happy life.

Knowing what each nutrient does and knowing which food contain the nutrients is important. One has to learn about the basic concepts about food in terms of its nutritive value.

When you realise the relationship between the amount of calories that you consume and the weight you gain or lose as a result you will confidently embark on a calorie based diet plan. In order to follow a diet plan that is based on calorie intake you must know how many calories every ingredient of your diet measures.

If you have decided that 1750 calories is the best total for your diet plan the following can be a menu for a day:

You may have a breakfast of 100 ml of skimmed milk, which is a daily quota. This can be accompanied with two servings of fruit, toast, preferably whole grained and scrambled eggs, with yolk removed. This will make up 450 calories of your total allocation for the day.

Lunch, if you are in a hurry can consist of a clear soup, a bowl of low calorie salads, with fat free salad dressing and cool drink of mineral water or soda and a dessert of fresh fruit. This will make up 350 calories of your total allocation for the day.

Tea or coffee with a couple of digestive biscuits will see you through to dinner. It will just take up 100 calories from your total calorie allocation for the day.

Dinner, if it is the heaviest meal of the day, can be more elaborate. Make a tummy filling plate of grilled skinless chicken breast that is cut into bite size pieces. This is a secret to eating light but feeling heavy. Pasta or rice dishes go well with this and can be part of the dinner menu. A stir fry of various vegetables and a light fruit pie will take you to 650 calories of your total allocation for the day.
Be proud that you have achieved a diet plan of about 1750 calories. Keep to it and play with the menu to make your life healthy.

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