Are You a Couch Potato? It’s Time to Get Out

Being a couch potato does no good to your body. That’s because the body becomes lazy, and your metabolism becomes slow. This leads to being overweight, as your body is taking in more calories than it is expending for physical activities. Being overweight places you more at risk to health problems. Thus it is important to stop being a couch potato and start getting out of your lazy routine.

Most couch potatoes as well those who shun exercise do so with the excuse that exercise is too strenuous or too tiring for them to undertake. That is not true. There are simple exercise that, although they are not as stressful compared to others, are quite effective enough to boost that metabolism of yours that had been sleeping with you in your couch.


Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise for your body, and highly recommended. Beginners can take simple walks everyday just to work out that sweat. The best thing is that you can do so at your own pace. You can set the distance to a figure that you can handle and then take it from there. Once you think it’s too short, you can simply put in more distance for more exercise.

The advantage of using walking as an exercise is because it simply looks like you are just going on an errand and not in an exercise. You can bring someone along, have a little chat while you burn those calories off, and make the routine more enjoyable. Couch potatoes should learn to enjoy exercise, after all, so they don’t have a relapse and become lazy again.

There is yet another way to make the walking exercise a bit more interesting: you can walk up and down your stairs for a set number of repetitions. Although it takes a bit more effort than straight walking, it does substitute for the more rigorous endurance training exercises. Walking up and down the stairs build up the calves, and helps build up lung capacity. Plus, you can just do it at your home.


Hiking trips up hills and mountains, coupled with overnight camping, can be a good idea. Hiking is just like walking up and down your stairs repeatedly, but the terrain you encounter varies and the amount of exercise you get is not fixed. Like going up and down your stairs, hiking helps to build up lung capacity as well as strengthening the leg muscles. It is a whole body exercise as you try to carry your weight up and down the hiking trails to your campsite.

You get to breathe fresh air and watch the scenery from an elevated position on top of all that. Before you go hiking, though, it is best to go walking for sometime to build up the necessary lung capacity for the hiking trip.

These are just two of the most effective yet enjoyable exercises that a couch potato can do. They are not necessarily stressful, but you can get a good deal out of them in return.

SLEEPING CAT image by © Remigiusz Oprzadek | Dreamstime.com