A healthy meal planning

Health is a very important requisite for a happy life. You are what you eat is a truism that is borne out in life. Children who eat fatty and salt rich food grow up to be obese and unhealthy adults.

A balanced diet is the consumption of the right amounts of the necessary nutrients required for healthy growth and activity, which includes fat, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and also fibre and water. A balanced diet will help you achieve optimised growth and enable your body to be active. Exercise is an effective means of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle but it has to be a life long commitment.

Calories are the cause for your weight gain, so in reverse, calories can also be the cause for your weight loss. If you evaluate your calorific needs you can device diet plans that help you maintain control over your weight gain issues.

You need to ensure that you reduce the quantity of fats and sugars added to foods in cooking. Choose skim milk and nonfat yogurt over the regular variety. These and similar rules will help you succeed in your diet plans.

Ideally, an average man needs 2600 calories in a day and an average woman needs 2000 calories. Suppose you decide to have a 1500 calorie diet, be resolved to have four to six small meals and snacks everyday instead of three heavy meals.

You may start off the day with an herbal tea, without milk and sugar but with lemon and honey. This is the best way to detoxify. And the calorie count is less than 100.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So you may think of starting with a bowl of multi grained granola and a cup of skimmed milk to soften it and a fruit, such as a banana.

The middle of the day hunger pang can be satisfied with a mint or lemon tea or a cool freshly squeezed glass of orange and a diet bar.

Lunch can consist of a vegetable hamburger or sandwich. But it is suggested that you carry a home-prepared meal where oil is negligible and full of healthy vegetables. A clear soup as an accompaniment will fill you comfortably and allow you to work in an alert frame of mind.

Tea time can be easily varied with a low fat yogurt with sliced fruits and a handful of healthy nuts.

When you have totalled the calorie consumption for the day go ahead and splurge the rest on a hearty hot dinner that is made up of lean meat and lots of vegetables. Dessert if it cannot be skipped should be made of fruits without additional sugar or topping.

Once you have got the hang of creating meal menus that enable you to set calorific boundaries to your diet you will begin to lose weight and feel healthier for sure.

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