Great fat-loss factors that everyone needs to know

Know where you stand

When you’re ready to make some changes to your body fat it’s important that you understand where you are starting from and what you can expect before diving. People often tend to forget that diet planning and its success depends mainly on your body’s given conditions.

In other words, someone who has 12% body fat cant use the same diet as someone with 37% body fat. There are major differences in effective fat loss and successful outcomes between those who are starting out overweight and those who are relatively lean.

Keep these differences in mind so you can set up your diet plan for slimming success. know the main differences, and get ready to tell your fat to scram.

The Metabolic Drop

The difference between overweight and lean fat loss is the effect of diet on metabolism. While it’s normal to expect some metabolic drop with any reduced calorie diet, the drop is much more for leaner bodies.

For leaner bodies the metabolic drop is basically the body is trying to prevent starvation. It closely monitors fat stores and turn your metabolism down.

For higher body fat percentage, the metabolic decline is much milder and might be unnoticeable for weeks when you are starting out. This also explains why people see a lot of progress at start but have trouble finishing those stubborn areas in the final weeks of their transformation.

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