5 common sports injuries

Sports are very strenuous activities. Most of them require extreme action on the muscles and the bones, which when overdone can actually be dangerous than beneficial to our bodies. Though there are a lot of possible injuries that men can suffer from when doing sports, here are just five of those that occur most often no matter what sports activity one chooses to undertake.

It is not uncommon for athletes to suffer concussion, or injuries that arise from trauma to the head part. This injury should be taken lightly, as it can have serious repercussions over time if left untreated.

One of the immediate effects of concussions is unconsciousness, after which the patient has no memory of what had transpired. This occurs mostly in combative sports such as professional boxing and even mixed martial arts competitions. It is best for athletes engaging in these sports to visit a physician after every match to make sure no concussion is suffered.

Achilles Tendon Rupture

From where this injury arises is not certain, however, it is clear that the rupture is caused by overstressed calf muscles which results to tightening in the Achilles tendon which causes it to break and tear. There are a lot of sports that make use of the calf muscles and the Achilles’ tendon, since they are both found in the legs. The Achilles tendon does not heal on its own and require immediate medical attention from a qualified physician. Treatment includes surgery to repair the tear.

Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

These are injuries that are related to the knees. Most of the times, these are caused by an athlete suddenly stopping in mid-movement at one moment, in which the knee receives full force, and twisting the body in the next. These injuries are common to athletes that play soccer or basketball, as these sports’ strategies require “fakes” or abrupt stops in order to deceive the opposing side and gain a small window to exploit.

These injuries are usually diagnosed as sprains, and can be treated with rest, ice and elevating the leg to reduce the stress on their muscles.

Scaphoid Wrist Fractures

Disciplines like aikido and jujitsu always teach their students to keep an arm outstretched in order to stop a fall, but sometimes these maneuvers can cause scaphoid wrist fractures. The scaphoid is a carpal bone located on the wrist.

Typical symptoms of scaphoid wrist fractures include pain near the thumb, as well as swollen wrists. Scaphoid wrist fractures are sometimes diagnosed as sprains, and heal slowly. If an athlete experiences slamming an outstretched arm and feeling immediate pain, immediate check-up and diagnosis by a physician is required.

Lower Leg Stress Fractures

These stress fractures are caused by hard impacts on equally hard surfaces, and can be suffered by athletes playing basketball or by runners. These are also caused by training without proper rest periods in between. When this occurs, an athlete is typically advised to take a longer rest period between exercises to allow the fracture to heal.

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