Funny Feedback – Ready America 77100 Cat Evacuation Kit

As always when i was browsing around on Amazon i found this funny review for Ready America 77100 Cat Evacuation Kit, thought to share it with all of our fans out there, so here it goes … and oh let me know what do you think of it 😉

Here is a snapshot of the review

in case some of you are viewing from a mobile here is the text written in the review

Too Heavy, September 7, 2011
By Mr.Build
My main issue with this kit is that the bag is too heavy for my cat to carry and there is no way to strap it to his back. To be honest it seems like they made this kit for a person or at the very least a very large and strong cat. I tried for several hours to get my cat to carry this kit during our emergency drill and it was pretty much impossible. Also the gloves in the kit are clearly meant for a human and not a cat. Other than that I guess it’s a good kit but they need to make everything the proper size for your average american cat.