Small but Meaningful Ways to Making Your Wife Happy

A relationship is not just made up of happy times. Whether you’re exclusively dating, or bound my marriage, there will be problems that will make both of you go out of your minds and threaten your relationship. That is why it is important to keep the other party happy. As a husband, it is part of your responsibility when you signed that paper during the marriage to keep your wife happy. Remember, failure to keep the wife happy can result to serious problems later on which are not good especially when there are kids involved.

Making her happy doesn’t have to be that complicated. It’s the thought that counts. Here are just a few simple ways to do that:

Wake her up with a kiss and a breakfast in bed. The wife is always up early to cook breakfast and get the kids and husband ready for a new day. It is not an easy task most of the times, and sometimes she has to do it with less sleep than most of you. It can be quite special if you, every once in a while, get up earlier than she does and prepare a special breakfast for her that she can take in bed.

Prepare a special dinner date for the both of you. Before you got married, you two had dated. Most of these dates had included romantic dinner dates in candlelight and in a renowned restaurant. When you married, you stopped altogether especially when there were already kids involved. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze time every once in a while for a special dinner date. To make it more special, plan the dinner for your wedding anniversary or for her birthday and, much better, make it a surprise. It won’t hurt to leave the kids in the care of a babysitter for once.

A holiday for just the two of you can do wonders to your relationship. Someday, when the kids have all grown, you can revisit the early days of your union by going on a holiday. This holiday should just be for the two of you, as a way of rekindling or making strong the fire that is burning in your hearts. The holiday should be well planned, and not taken for granted. Since this doesn’t come along everyday, you can select a holiday into places that both of you have dreamed of visiting. It doesn’t have to be expensive; just make sure that both of you will enjoy the holiday to make it special.

A hug and a kiss every once in a while do the trick. Of course, nothing is more simple but effective than an occasional hug and kiss for your wife. It’s these things that remind her of your feelings that are at the core of your relationship. Without these two simple expressions of affection, a marriage will soon feel dry. To keep the fire going, give your wife and a kiss when you two get some private time alone from the noise of your kids.

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